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The Natural Laws and Consequences of Cyber Insecurity

June 2 | Posted by scheuchr | 2016

March 10, 2016 The Natural Laws and Consequences of Cyber Insecurity Matthew Smith, Principal Security Analyst at Sword & Shield Enterprise Security, Inc., was the guest speaker at the ASIS/InfraGard jointly sponsored luncheon. This talk covered the common, underlying vulnerability issues and solutions found after performing numerous assessments for a range of different types of clients. The issues include those of both... Read more

The Advent of Self-Protecting Self-Governing Data

August 18 | Posted by scheuchr | 2015

August 6, 2015 The Advent of Self-Protecting Self-Governing Data Many industry leaders state that it is time to move away from the traditional “castle and moat” mentality and transition towards self-protecting, self-governing data.  In this discussion, Bradley Lide led an exploration as to why there is such a need, how that new approach might look, and what the benefits would be to both corporations... Read more

Securing and Attacking the HTML5 Landscape

May 28 | Posted by scheuchr | 2014

May 22, 2014 Securing and Attacking the HTML5 Landscape With the wise-spread adoption of HTML5 and responsive web design, companies need to be aware of the security implications of their design choices. A number of threats that are less of a concern to traditional web applications are re-emerging and appear to have greater impact on HTML5 applications. In developing in an HTML5... Read more

WebTRAGIS use in Transportation Routing

March 27 | Posted by scheuchr | 2014

March 13, 2014 WebTRAGIS Overview Infragard The featured speaker at the Knoxville InfraGard seminar was Dr. Steven Peterson. Dr. Peterson works in the Geographic Information Science and Technology Group, Computational Sciences and Engineering Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  His presentation covered the WebTRAGIS (Transportation Routing Analysis Geographic Information System) product which is used for route planning for the safe transportation of radiological... Read more

Protecting Our Food Supply

July 12 | Posted by scheuchr | 2013

Protecting_Food_Supply July 11,2013 Dr. Ray Burden, Jr., Associate Director for the Center of Agriculture and Food Security and Preparedness at the University of Tennessee, spoke to the attendees of the InfraGard Chapter meeting about Agriculture and Food Security. The Food and Agriculture Sector is a complex production, processing, and delivery system whose compromise could impact us all.  Because of the open nature of many portions... Read more

FBI Cyber Update

July 12 | Posted by scheuchr | 2013

InfraGard_Cyber_Update_2013-07-11 July 11, 2013 SA Richard Lara update the attendees at the InfraGard Chapter meeting with an update on the types of cyber activities that are being seen in the Knoxville area. If particular interest are the Malware Dashboard views presented from the Google Transparency Report. ... Read more

Emergency Preparedness for Violence in the Workplace

May 10 | Posted by scheuchr | 2013

Emergency Preparedness for Violence in the Workplace March 19, 2013 Charity Menefee and Capt. Nate Allen presented planning recommendations on preparing for and responding to workplace violence or “active shooters,” and facilitate some group discussion on those subjects.  Charity Menefee is the Regional Hospital Coordinator for the Emergency Preparedness Department of the Knox County Health Department.  Capt. Nathaniel Allen works in Criminal Investigations... Read more

Internet Jihadists and Insider Threats

May 10 | Posted by scheuchr | 2013

Internet Jihadists and Insider Threats May 9, 2013 During the last decade the greatest terrorist threat has comes from what is referred to as ‘jihadist terrorism’. Certainly since 11 September 2001, many bloody terrorist attacks have been carried out under pretext of a religious armed struggle, known as the ‘jihad’. At the start of 2007, jihadists were using the Internet widely as a... Read more

Lone Wolf Offender Threat

March 22 | Posted by scheuchr | 2011

Lone Wolf Offender Threat March 17, 2011 - The “lone wolf” terrorist attacking poorly-defended targets now poses a bigger threat to the West than sophisticated plots, experts. Although an individual working alone has little chance of pulling off an attack of the magnitude of September 11 2001, a lone operator’s isolation could make him practically undetectable right up to the moment when he... Read more


February 9 | Posted by admin | 2011

Stuxnet January 27, 2011 - Jennifer Hawley, CyberSecurity Analyst at Nuclear Fuel Services, presented a look at the Stuxnet worm whose target is the interruption to specific industrial control systems. ... Read more