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July 13 | Posted by scheuchr | Chapter News

InfraGard Members:

As many of you may know, changes to the InfraGard secure web site have been in the works.  The FBI Public/Private Alliance Unit (PPAU) is getting ready to deploy a new secure website called the InfraGard Network (IGN).  While the exact deployment date is unknown, they anticipate a “go live” sometime in August. There will be subsequent guidance as we draw closer to deployment, but in the meantime, there are two issues of high importance that you should be aware of:

  1. email and listservs are going away.
  2. Existing passwords will not be able to be migrated from the old system to the IGN. email

Due to several factors, existing email will not be migrated over to the new IGN system.  Therefore, if you currently use email, it is recommended you take measures to download any messages you deem important prior to the end of July as they will not be retrievable afterward IGN deployment. LSU will subsequently be sending out guidance with instructions how to do this.


Since the current passwords are encrypted and are unable to be migrated, a solution has been created whereas users logging into the system for the first time will receive login and password reset instructions via email.  If members do not have their preferred email address in the current system, they will not receive the instructions. This means that you should confirm your current email address with the secure web site so that you will receive these instructions.

Please ensure your preferred email address is up to date by the end of July.  This can be done two ways – either

  • Log into the current system and update their email address on their profile, or
  • Contact the LSU Help Desk for assistance.  (Domestic – 877-861-6298; International -  225-334-5952; Email -

While this does not necessarily need to be done prior to the deployment of the IGN, it will make for a much smoother transition for the members if they are proactive.

More information about the new IGN will be coming out soon.

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