Social Networking Easy Picking to be discussed at TriCities InfraGard

February 8 | Posted by scheuchr | Chapter News

Many people have paid the price after being the victim of cyber crime at different social media platforms. Many people even terminate and deactivate their social media account after such bad experiences.  It is not the solution to deactivate or terminate the account when we can minimize the risk of cyber attack on our social media profiles by following some easy principles.

Following the InfraGard Members Only meeting in January, social media “Smart Cards” produced by the FBI were sent out via email.  The goal of the cards is to provide some social networking Do’s and Don’ts to minimize the threat of cyber attack or cyber crime by awareness and consciousness while ensuring the security of your personal data with a very minimal effort.

Jonathon Underwood, a cyber security professional at ORNL, gave a presentation at that meeting demonstrating how easy it is to gleam information from social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. He did it with no cyber tools or sleight of hand.

Jonathon has agreed to bring his show-and-tell presentation to the TriCities InfraGard meeting which will be on Thursday, February 21, in the Forum Room in the D. P. Culp Center on the main campus of East Tennessee State University. The meeting will begin at 5:30 PM.

Jonathan Underwood is a cyber security professional specializing in protecting information and information systems from both internal and external threats. He has a background that includes network engineering, software development, and cyber security. In addition to these technical aspects, Jonathan has studied the human component of the insider threat and shares his expertise across organizations and agencies at local, regional, and national levels.  Jonathan is a 2003 graduate of East Tennessee State University.

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend this informative session. This meeting is open to InfraGard members and guests. Bring someone with you.

If you have any questions about the meeting or InfraGard in general, please contact Richard Scheuch at 423-439-5356 or

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