WebTRAGIS use in Transportation Routing

March 27 | Posted by scheuchr | 2014

March 13, 2014

WebTRAGIS Overview Infragard

The featured speaker at the Knoxville InfraGard seminar was Dr. Steven Peterson.

Dr. Peterson works in the Geographic Information Science and Technology Group, Computational Sciences and Engineering Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  His presentation covered the WebTRAGIS (Transportation Routing Analysis Geographic Information System) product which is used for route planning for the safe transportation of radiological materials.  It is also used for looking at hazardous materials transport and potential population risks.

TRAGIS is a standard routing GIS application, deployed as a browser application, where the map display and user interface provides access to network databases for highway, rail, and waterway infrastructures in the continental United States. It’s capability to provide population data along the generated routes has made it a useful application for the analysis of routes for the shipment of hazardous materials including nuclear material and spent nuclear fuel.

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